Basketball Game

Original Hoopsters come in every size and shape and from every walk of life, and they all share a universal love for the game.

 Original Hoopster Inc. provides a service to corporations, businesses, municipals, school districts, and any organization that would like to give their employees experience in corporate and company team building.

We run and coordinate three on three, or five on five basketball events for your business or organization. 

 We provide a start to finish management system that’s will allow your organization a day off, and everyone in it a chance to play in or cheer on their co-workers at this fun event.

Competitions are formed and set up for businesses to give this opportunity to their employees within the company, trade, or organization. We run and manage competitions business to business and organization competing against other organizations.

Allow our management staff to meet with your team to show you how our program can benefit any company or organization in so many ways. 

At the end of the business day, we are all Original Hoopsters.

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