Kirsten Grimm Future Stars Original Delivering Big In Education

Kirsten Grimm is an Executive Leadership Coach at the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE), where she coaches district and site administrators on becoming system-thinking, adaptive leaders with a focus on equitable access, opportunities and results for all students. In addition, she designs and facilitates professional learning on equity and continuous improvement in two counties through a statewide grant, the California Equity Performance and Improvement Program: Improving the Educational Equity for African-Americans and English Learners.

Prior to this role, Kirsten served as the Director of Growth for a CMO in the Bay Area. She developed and implemented a strategic growth plan for school expansion. This included: grant-writing, facilities, charter petitions and approvals, student recruitment, coaching Year 0 principals, and designing an innovative academic model incorporating personalized, project-based learning and performance-based assessments. She was able to secure over $1M in start-up grants for the CMO's first middle school.

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